Site name change

Type: Article | Author: administrator | Posted on: 2016-07-18 07:07:54 BST

The consensus of our founding members is that this project is one aspect of a larger effort, which should include the whole of the political spectrum. Therefore the name "Progressive Left for a United Kingdom" is not really appropriate. We will now be working under the name of "Citizens' Voice" one of whose main aims will be to establish a written constitution for the United Kingdom. Please visit us at the new domain,

Purpose of this site

Type: Article | Author: administrator | Posted on: 2016-07-08 02:09:53 BST

This site is intended to be a resource to aid in the building of a progressive alliance for positive change in the wake of our decision to leave the European Union. Registration will soon be open to all interested people. The site aims to be an online Commons, enabling like-minded UK voters to engage with each other on a wide range of topics. Plans include a discussion forum, messaging between our members, and a host of other features to be decided on by the membership together.

Name and purpose of this site

Type: Forum topic | Author: Chris Brody | Posted on: 2016-07-18 03:56:23 BST

One idea that's been bubbling up in my head is that this site could be re-branded as "Citizens for a Constitutional Assembly" or something ilke that, to be a unifying force rather than a potentially dividing one. A key aim of a newly elected parliament would be to convene and implement a living, written constitution. What do people think?

Constituting Democracy - designing and organising a citizens' convention

Type: Event | Author: administrator | Posted on: 2016-07-09 05:50:19 BST

You are invited to join fellow democracy campaigners in a day of deliberation to consider the purpose and process of a people's convention on the constitution from two perspectives: (i) the cross-party backed King's College proposal and (ii) an open, transparent, self-organised process.


Type: Article | Author: administrator | Posted on: 2016-07-08 07:14:35 BST

Due to some server issues, registration for membership of this site is not yet open. You are very welcome to add your thoughts via the comment field.


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