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To be a learning platform and action centre for direct, web-enabled democracy in the United Kingdom. To contain resources for learning, campaigning and collaboration on a wide range of topics. All information to be available freely to all, and all may contribute.

This site is meant to be built by you, for you.


  1. To provide a place where left of centre political thinkers can come together to share ideas, methods and projects
  2. To build a community platform from the ground up
  3.  To influence key decision makers
  4. To assist in negotiating for the best possible Brexit scenario, benefitting both planet and people
  5. To fight against the forces of Conservatism, isolationism and fascism at the next UK General Election


Current plans include: 

  • a community forum
  • links page where users can search for and add useful organisations and websites
  • events calendar
  • user profiles
  • messaging

All the above will be modified according to our members' wishes, as a consensus develops.


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This is only intended as a starting point for discussion: please add your thoughts in the comments.


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