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One idea that's been bubbling up in my head is that this site could be re-branded as "Citizens for a Constitutional Assembly" or something ilke that, to be a unifying force rather than a potentially dividing one. A key aim of a newly elected parliament would be to convene and implement a living, written constitution. What do people think?

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As initial members of the PLUK platform it seems like a good idea to try to get the name right, before we

think of opening up registration and start to work on building a platform in earnest. I think that what we’re trying to achieve is larger than a partisan (left/right) approach will allow. I also believe that one of the main aims of the the platform should include the creation of a written constitution for the UK. So I would propose we alter the overall goals slightly from the current ones (which you can see at, and propose the following shortlist:

  1. To provide a place where progressive thinkers can come together to share ideas, methods and projects,
  2. To build a community, participatory, learning and action platform from the ground up by the consensus of its members,
  3. To influence key decision makers,
  4. To assist in establishing a constitutional convention,
  5. To assist in negotiating for the best possible Brexit scenario, benefitting both planet and people,
  6. To win a majority in favour of constitutional reform, 
  7. To create a living, written constitution for the people and other inhabitants of the UK.

What do we think, and what would be a good name? Some suggestions:

  • Peoples United
  • United Peoples Party
  • Fair Votes for Citizens
  • Citizens' Voice
  • Citizens' Constitutional Convention

We would also value your input on the following suggested first principles for any attempt at creating a draft constitiion:

  1. We the people of this land affirm that power rests with us
  2. We ask that our voices, and the voices of those that cannot speak for themselves, are heard and acted on
  3. We come together to realise a constitutional convention
  4. Together we aim to ensure peace, prosperity and happiness for all beings, and to ensure the abundance of resources for the future of our island [or nation|region|continent|planet etc.]


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Submitted by Steve Blume on

I think these are good first principles. it highlights the simple fact that politicians should be working in the interests of the the people that elect them rather than working for what they think the people should want.  Or worse, for their careers - May fell in the the trap of criticising Corbyn for doing things that she has been more than guilty of these last few weeks.  Care, not career!


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Submitted by Chris Brody on

By consensus we have decided to change the name of this site to "Citizens' Voice". All content is now available at Please go there for further updates.


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