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This site is intended to be a resource to aid in the building of a progressive alliance for positive change in the wake of our decision to leave the European Union. Registration will soon be open to all interested people. The site aims to be an online Commons, enabling like-minded UK voters to engage with each other on a wide range of topics. Plans include a discussion forum, messaging between our members, and a host of other features to be decided on by the membership together. This is participatory learning and action with the goal of moving the UK, and the wider world, in a positive direction towards our shared future. If you haven't already, please watch the video of the initial discussion which prompted this call to action, embedded below.

For the time being, while we work on the registration facilties, if you are interested in being part of this as it develops please add your comments below, or email plukalliance@gmail.com.

Post-Brexit Alliance Building initial meeting


One way of getting this project off the ground is to have a launch party. Any suggestions for date and venue in mid-August?

Chris (not verified)

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